Pyrolysis Oil

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure”, so is the pyrolysis oil from the rubber scrap.

Pyrolysis oil is the end product of waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis. Pyrolysis oil is widely used as industrial fuel to substitute furnace oil , Light Diesel Oil (LDO) , High Speed Diesel (HSD) in the firing application. Typical industrial applications of pyrolysis oil as a fuel in:

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Hot Water Generators
  • Hot Air Generators
  • Thermic Fluid Heater
  • Power Plants

We have developed 3 grades of Fuel oil thru the pyrolysis process :

  1. Pyrolysis Fuel oil (Substitutes Light Diesel Oil)
  2. Light Fuel Oil (Substitutes High Speed Diesel)
  3. Distilled Fuel Oil (Substitutes Furnace Oil / LSHS)

Following are some of the major advantages of our Fuel Oil:

  • Pyrolysis Fuel Oil has low density and low viscosity hence it is not required to be preheated like furnace oil before use, therefore saves energy costs
  • Calorific Value for Pyrolysis fuel oil / Light Fuel Oil / Distilled Fuel Oil is in range of 10400 Cal/gm +/- 3%
  • Sulphur content is upto 0.90% in Pyrolysis Fuel Oil and Distilled Fuel Oil, whereas in Light Fuel Oil sulphur is less than 0.50% hence lower SOX pollution
  • Ash Content, Water Content are considerably less as compared to its substitutes for all the fuel oil produced by us
  • Our Fuel Oils doesn’t require any type of blending with any other oil and can be used directly for burning application even with diesel burners

Pyrolysis Oil Specification:

S.NO Test Parameters Method Unit Pyrolysis Fuel Oil
1 Density at 15ᴼC ASTM D 1298 G/CC 0.87-0.93
2 API Gravity ASTM D 1298 25.40
3 Viscosity at 100ᴼC ASTM D 2161 SUS 29
4 Sulphur Total, % Wt. ASTM D 129 % Wt Upto 1
5 Water Content, % Vol. ASTM D 95-05 % Vol Upto 0.25
6 Ash ASTM D 482 % Wt Upto 0.05
7 Calorific Value Bomb Calorimeter Cal/g 10400 ± 3%
8 Color / Appearance ASTM D 1500 Dark/Black